“The rockstar mentality to me is fully committing to your dreams and working to make it a reality.

You’re going to struggle and have a lot of downfalls and shortcomings, a lot of days you’ll work late or be up grinding super early to make it work.

For every downfall you have, your next uprising is going to be even stronger.

There will be an uprising that will get to the point where people can’t ignore what you’ve done and by that point, you’ve climbed several mountains on the way to the ultimate summit.

Your dreams and aspirations await.”

“For me, that rockstar mentality is when I’m fully in touch with myself.

Knowing, feeling and embracing all my quirks, interests and personality traits.

Knowing that, no matter what happens, I got me — because I love me.

And I know that if I can keep that rockstar mentality unlocked, and remain confident in myself, there’s nothing that I can’t do.”

“I buy a lot of clothes. But never in my life have I bought a shirt because of the complete empowerment I’ve felt by a brand.

To me, the rockstar mentality means individuality, self expression, and active imagination.

Dreamers, visionaries, and engines have no problems with coming up with creative ideas to change the world. What I love about PF is that it’s a reminder that changing the world starts with you – you have to believe in yourself to believe that you can make an impact on others.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from being a raving fan of PINK FCKS (and Mike Kyle) is that you have every capability to be the rockstar of your life. It’s just up to you to grab the mic and start singing.”

“Being a rockstar means getting up every day even when you don’t want to and kick the days ass!

In the world with so my controversy it is important to stay true to your authentic self, that’s what being a rockstar is to me!”

“Being a rockstar is just being against the grain. Not conforming to normal ideas and making your own way!”

“Being a rockstar to me means putting your all into something! I love art and music and healing people and I put my all into what I do. Being truly genuinely yourself!”